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Let us introduce ourselves:


We a group of students from the prestigious IIT with a common passion and that is to see a day where shopping can be exclusively done online irrespective of the nature of the order or services or the place of delivery. We have set up an application which is a ready reckoner of all the online stores that are available and operational in India.


The ready reckoner is free for all:


This ready reckoner is web enabled and does not need internet to work. The application can be downloaded for free and can be used by everyone. As of now in the pilot stage of the project, 200 stores have been added.


What is the information that the app provides?


The app is handy in getting information regarding the stores policies. The stores are also been reviewed and rated based on the experiences of the shoppers therein. There is also a platform for people to rate their experiences at the stores. However, the customers who have actually had experience at online store will be allowed to post. The transaction number will be verified before posting the reviews on the site.


Great offers and superb discounts:


We have tied up with all the stores that we feature on the application and guarantee you not only superb shopping experience but also the best discounts in the market and also offer of a lifetime. These offers are going to be great saving opportunities for you and they are going to be there permanently. In short it is a never ending party of sorts!


We give discount coupons and offer codes:


With our discount coupons and offer codes, you can get special prices at all the stores that we feature on our sites. The offer codes are universally accepted across all the stores and that does make shopping easier for you. Besides we have the best price guarantee on 95 percent of our goods which simply means if you can prove to us that our prices are not yet the best, you get to pick up that product for free. How good can that become?


  • Poor delivery

    Poor logistics or damaged delivery could have been one of the causes for the loss of confidence in this mode of shopping.

  • Mode of payment

    Electronic payment or digital payment is the mode of payment where the entire transaction is initiated and completed through an electronic device.

  • No service warranty

    Another reason for not having great faith in online stores is the mediocre quality of customer service and also very poor after sales service.

  • the best bargains:

    Indians are by nature fine tuned to look for the best bargains that they can find. They are fond of haggling with the sellers.